Meet JustFab President Kimora Lee Simmons

At the age of 10, when Kimora Lee Simmons was an awkward 5’ 10”, her mother enrolled her in modeling classes. Three years later at the young age of 13­–when most of us weren’t even picking out our own clothes–Simmons was discovered at the Midwest model search.  From there, Kimora Lee Simmons went on to Paris and graced the pages of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and more.  She became, as Karl Lagerfeld crowned her, the “Face of the 21st Century.”


From Midwest girl to international sensation, Kimora Lee Simmons has made her mark in modeling, on television, as an author and fashion designer, as well as an accomplished businesswoman.  On top of her busy and successful professional career, she is a loving mother to three children. Simmons can currently be found working her multiple fashion brands and new skincare line, as well as starring in a hit reality show, Kimora: House of Fab.  Through her modeling, fashion and business careers, Kimora Lee Simmons has advocated for the empowerment of women.  She has worked hard to create clothes, brands, and opportunities for women to take charge and project their inner beauty, as well as their outer beauty.  She is an avid philanthropist who cares about the most vulnerable in our society and is committed to working with organizations like the Make a Wish Foundation, among others, to improve the world for everyone.  What can’t this woman do?


JustFab is thrilled to have Kimora Lee Simmons at the helm as President and Creative Director.  As talented as she is gorgeous, Kimora is skyrocketing JustFab into the fashion subscription stratosphere.  She brings JustFab her extraordinary knowledge of the fashion industry that helped build her previous companies into billion dollar businesses.  From her nearly 20 years in and around fashion powerhouses, she has developed a keen sense for making high-fashion affordable and accessible to every woman who wants to feel confident and beautiful.


With Kimora Lee Simmons’s direction, JustFab offers individualized boutiques to monthly subscribers who have completed an online fashion assessment.  Once a member views his or her handpicked shoes, handbags, or jewelry, items can be purchased for $39.95.  JustFab and Kimora Lee Simmons have made it easy for anyone to be fashionable by creating entire on-trend looks, giving women of all fashion tastes the ability to affordably make their home closet their dream closet.